Hi! My Name Is Mellie

We're happy to tell you that Mellie has a new furever home.
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Miss Mellie is such a trooper. She’s recovering from her first surgery pretty well so far. Unfortunately we don’t know yet how much use of the rear right leg she will regain. That leg was more damaged than imaging had revealed, plus it had been completely out of socket for at least 8 weeks. Recovery will be hard and there is likely nerve damage. We are trying our best to help her though and we are praying that her leg heals. Unfortunately the left rear leg is in even worse condition than the right leg. After she heals from this surgery, she will likely have to have the rear left leg amputated. Only time will tell how everything is going to work out, but one thing is for sure, Mellie is a fighter and we won’t give up on her. No matter what the outcome is, as long as we can keep Mellie happy and comfortable, we will do whatever is needed for her. We have been in contact with an amazing organization that has offered to donate a cart for Mellie. Obviously we don’t know if that’s needed yet, but we are so grateful that the option is there if it is needed. We would love to find a foster to adopt family for Mellie that can help her with therapy and to heal. If you are interested Mellie, please complete an application on our website.