Hi! My Name Is Obi

| Special Needs: Medical Condition
Sweet pomsky with idiopathic seizures. Friendly with children, cats, and other dogs. Kids are 12 and 8 and Obi has been with us since he was a puppy. We have a cat as well and he has had a few furry visitors, but he is the only dog in the home. He is friendly and fantastic with people. His seizures are controlled with medication but he still gets once a month breakthrough seizures. Without the phenobarbital, he’d have several seizures a day. When he gets his breakthrough seizures, it’s about one every 3-6 hours for about 24-36 hours. Each seizure lasts about less than a minute. For now, because of covid, we work from home some days a week and stagger the schedule so that someone is always home with him. We can leave him alone for a few hours at a time, but an entire work day is too long. Both employers have said that eventually, when the public health situation gets better, we have to come back into the office. When he has a seizure, he becomes disoriented, and if someone isn’t around, he will start eating stuff - like legos, toys, chew wires, etc. but as long as we are around, he is just needy and needs some love and attention. Because it is not feasible to acquire a larger home with and extra room for him or work from home, it is better for his quality of life to not have to crate him.
  • Pomsky & Pomsky
  • Male
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Brown and White & Brown and White
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
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