Hi! My Name Is Rogan

Severe separation anxiety: will pee and defecate in room when left, even when we were still in the house. Will poop in yard and frequently eat it unless called off immediately. Mouthiness: will escalate to inappropriate play using his mouth to grab at clothing, arms, hands, or legs. Has never punctured skin but will cause some light bruising or scratches as he’s jumping around as he does this. Destructive behavior: will grab things like pillows or clothing when overaroused and bite/shake them, eventually destroying them if left alone. Counter surfing: will sometimes counter surf or grab things of value off tables. Most times will bring to us and we can exchange for a treat but sometimes will scurry under bed or go to bed with high value items and resource guard. Will not use cues anymore. He used to use whale eye, stiff body, eyes back to show if he was getting uncomfortable however will now go from completely relaxed to lunging, snapping, and growling. The triggers for this behaviour are typically resource guarding (objects, spaces, and people) and him knowing that a preferred activity is coming to an end We feel that Rogan has made great progress, and with an experienced home with not pets/children could continue to find progress, but we unfortunately are no longer able to provide this for him (between the baby arriving May 7 and the recent sudden aggression he has shown towards us). We are working with our trainer and a vet behaviorist but don't have a lot of time and are running short on options.
  • Cane Corso & Mastiff - Bull
  • Male
  • 4 Years OldMy DoB is 07/01/2019
  • 81 - 90 Pounds
  • Brindle & No Preference
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
  • Not Tested With Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Medical)
Doesn't Walk Well
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