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This year is turning out to be a lot tougher than last year. We are being bombarded with surrender requests and intakes. We have limited foster homes and very limited funds. Most of our dogs are medical/special needs dogs or dogs with behavior issues. That means they usually cost a lot more for us to maintain and prepare for adoption. Covid has crippled our public fundraisers and tip board fundraisers have become a competitive thing since they are literally everywhere.

We did however have a lot of success with our Virutal Basket Raffle last year. Since it went well, we are planning another one this year. We will also be partnering with the Beth Luther Animal Rescue Fund again. We are currently collecting baskets and item donations. If anyone would like to help us with a donation or help with collecting baskets, please message us or Beth Luther via Facebook, email at, or call/text 814-421-7078. Thank you!

All donations will be collected by May 9th

Please include your name and a list of your donations.

The event will be held online: May 14-16, 2021

Raffle winners will be selected 4:30pm May 16, 2021

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