Hi! My Name Is Bosco

We're happy to tell you that Bosco has a new furever home.
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"Don’t let Boscoe’s age fool you. Even though he’s about 10 years old, he has tons of energy and spunk. He recently discovered his love of walks (and he LOVES them!) and has learned basic leash etiquette in just a few weeks. He is exceptionally friendly with everyone he meets while walking – people, other dogs, and kids. Meeting new friends seems to be one of Boscoe’s favorite things to do. Boscoe is incredibly clever and learns new things very quickly – he is housebroken, knows basic commands (sit, stay, down, paw.) He currently lives in a house with another dog and cats, and quickly found his place in the pack with no problems at all. Even though he enjoys walks, running around, and playing with toys, Boscoe is also perfectly content to just quietly lounge on the couch with his people.  Boscoe is just an awesome dog and would make a perfect addition to anyone’s household."


Other things to note:

-       He always greets us at the door with a toy, wiggling his butt

-       We haven’t kid tested him, but he seems to love them when we are on walks

-       He was a little excitable when he saw rabbits at twin lakes, but he can probably be worked with on that

-       He did mark in the house when he first moved in, but we seem to have gotten that under control

-       He plays pretty hard with his toys, but hasn’t been destructive at all in the house

-       He wasn’t thrilled when we gave him a bath, but he did okay with it

-       We’ve only heard him bark when Frannie gets worked up or when we are playing. Otherwise, he’s really quiet.